tales of melancholy

Issue #3 : THE END OF TIME


all things come to an end – Ave Maria
an end for science – A is to B as B is to C
martyrs – II
meet me on the other side – Paul Laffoley
pray harder – A Prelude to our Inner Satanic
oracles – Brilliant Bodies
the decider – Jay-Jay Johanson
visions – A Prophecy of Fashion
to hell and back – Les Revenants
innocence lost – Cocorosie
odds and ends – The Leftovers
violence – Bruce LaBruce
the sharp end – Marc Alain
meet death – A Dead End
we should probably stay – After Midnight
the garden of evil – Edens
a nebulous end – Amira Fritz
dadaïsms – Clément Louis
the edge – Tilda Swinton
walls – Zola Jesus
a lavender sky – Post Blue
sheets – Le Sel des Corps
art and the end of time – Room-10 27
the bitter end – Ave Maria II