tales of melancholy

SPLEEN FACTORY celebrates the End of Time

Last week, SPLEEN FACTORY gathered 400 of the coolest kids in Paris to celebrate the launch of its third issue THE END OF TIME. This time, we invited musician and producer Jérémie Renoir to throw an incredible showcase - followed by uprising DJ and sound designer dull. SPLEEN FACTORY also presented the work of Czech photographer Martin Vlach, who signed the main photographic story of the issue. The large-scale printed foggy images encountered the Parisian audience for the very first time. Thanks to all the beautiful souls who made it to the party, you guys are the SPLEEN FACTORY.

THE END OF TIME - now available worldwide.

Dear Melancholics,

SPLEEN FACTORY Magazine is proud to present its thickest and most ambitious issue on date : THE END OF TIME. This time, we invited visionary artists and thinkers to deliver their most intimate thoughts on the end of the world.

THE END OF TIME features Paul Laffoley, Tilda Swinton, CocoRosie, Bruce LaBruce, Zola Jesus, Les Revenants, Clément Louis, Jay-Jay Johanson, Amira Fritz and many more...

Get your copy delivered worldwide HERE - packed with love and tears.

BACKSTAGE @ Sandrine Philippe AW 2016

Following her obsession with already lived-in clothing, Parisian designer Sandrine Philippe shows with her Fall/Winter 2016 collection UNPLUGGED a modern and twisted face. Draped in stonewashed leather second-skin trenches or nagging around in dead-cool bomber jackets, her men are wounded and tired but they deliver with an hectic - almost theatrical- energy. They bleed in black and their teeth are dirty. If the collection does not break the rules of the all-black fashion game, the cuts are impeccable and the silhouettes are very now.

Pictures by Thibault Gaëtan Dubroca


In a departure from the brutalist poetry of previous seasons, Korean label WOOYOUNGMI presented a Fall-Winter 2016 collection in Paris charged with a far more intimate an sensual lyricism. Inspired by the memories of a family garden, designers Woo Young Mi and Katie Chung unfolded their floral embroideries across carefully chosen autumnal shades: soft browns, deep greens and warm yellows. The pieces were severely draped around the fragile figures of 1970s college boys who somehow brought to mind The Virgin Suicides' heartbreaker Trip Fontaine. Introducing a genderless and modern take on a trend that is sometimes tough to reference in an original way, WOOYOUNGMI showed a highly inventive and precise understanding of construction, materials, and shapes, and a determination to get every detail just right.

Always imaginative with its presentations, the label invited musicians and producers Jérémie Renoir and Stu Sibley to compose and perform live a brilliant original piece that featured a string quartet. A moment of melancholic tenderness that perfectly accompanied the season’s romantic story of a young, melted heart.

Pictures by Sylvain Claverson.


Dear Melancholics,

Last week, the launching party of our latest issue HYSTERIA brought the heat to a 150 sqm warehouse in the 18th district of Paris. SPLEEN FACTORY paired up with guerilla-couture gang ANDREA CREWS to present a retrospective fashion-performance on a stage designed by our team. Ten of the coolest kids in town took part of a static performance painting an alienated youth, trapped in a dramatic motorcycle cemetery. Hosted by the CO, a new house for the unexpected arts, the party gathered 300 guests around blood-stained cocktails and an evil DJ-set, courtesy of Marion (La Klepto, Paris).