tales of melancholy


In a departure from the brutalist poetry of previous seasons, Korean label WOOYOUNGMI presented a Fall-Winter 2016 collection in Paris charged with a far more intimate an sensual lyricism. Inspired by the memories of a family garden, designers Woo Young Mi and Katie Chung unfolded their floral embroideries across carefully chosen autumnal shades: soft browns, deep greens and warm yellows. The pieces were severely draped around the fragile figures of 1970s college boys who somehow brought to mind The Virgin Suicides' heartbreaker Trip Fontaine. Introducing a genderless and modern take on a trend that is sometimes tough to reference in an original way, WOOYOUNGMI showed a highly inventive and precise understanding of construction, materials, and shapes, and a determination to get every detail just right.

Always imaginative with its presentations, the label invited musicians and producers Jérémie Renoir and Stu Sibley to compose and perform live a brilliant original piece that featured a string quartet. A moment of melancholic tenderness that perfectly accompanied the season’s romantic story of a young, melted heart.

Pictures by Sylvain Claverson.