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This is about melancholy.

SPLEEN FACTORY Magazine builds up a dogma for a fathomless generation, exigent and beautiful, craving for new beliefs. Irreproachable object for modern romantics, SPLEEN FACTORY thinks out loud to scope things out.

Twice a year, our new rendez-vous will draw a stage for a central concept that will define every issue, a complex idea that talks about us. BOREDOM, HYSTERIA or MOON. And lets its guests sketch up the play. SPLEEN FACTORY asks an open question to the ones who animate, analyse and entertain our world, and gathers ten different variations of the same theme. Those various profiles, artists, thinkers, sound- or space-creators, stuff-conceivers, era-builders, will display their work and confront their answers to our main question.

Born in Berlin, raised between Paris and Amsterdam, SPLEEN FACTORY looks over everything to get answers. It considers every media, as long as the idea survives. It talks to pathfinders and night watchers, sleepwalkers, fanatics, leaders and followers. It discusses theories, lifestyles, cultures, fashions and nostalgia.

For its premiere issue, SPLEEN FACTORY wanted to talk about BOREDOM. The blank canvas, possibility or state of mind, romanticism, luxury, inspiration, affliction, BOREDOM gives rise to warrior masterpieces and internal conflicts. Either used as a metaphysical weapon or a daily cross to bear, BOREDOM had a lot to tell us. SPLEEN FACTORY delivered an inspired and irreverent 150 pages essay, that met an international success. Released in fall 2014, BOREDOM travelled all over Europe and America, landed from Japan to South Africa. 

For its second issue, SPLEEN FACTORY built a reflexion on HYSTERIA. Sharpening its overall attitude and its tender eye on teenage angst, the magazine kept track of its initial edge and evolved into a furious -not that serious - art and fashion diktat. The red eyed fantasy has been released in May 2015.

In February 2016, SPLEEN FACTORY unleashed THE END OF TIME, its thickest and most ambitious issue on date. This time, the magazine worked as a blank page for an incredible cast of artists and philosophers to express their most intimate thoughts on the end of the world. Divided in chapters, THE END OF TIME spreads its lyrical wire through an apocalyptic though tender imagery. 

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